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Yannick Rieu MachiNations

For his latest album "MachiNations", (set for release in the spring of 2019), Yannick Rieu teams up with six musicians, rated among the best of their generation: Samuel Joly/drums and percussion; Rémi-Jean Leblanc and Alex Lapointe/double bass and electric bass; Jérôme Beaulieu and François Lafontaine/keyboards, piano; and François Jalbert/guitars.

This project follows up in the creative footsteps of Yannick Rieu’s previous albums “Spectrum”, "Non-Acoustic Project", and "Da Li", pushing further the explorations and encounters of the most recent digital technologies made available to him, spurred on by the energy of a new generation of musicians.

This new album embodies the diverse influences that have punctuated Yannick Rieu's musical journey. While exploring different grooves stemming from R&B, funk, rock-jazz, drum & bass, and world music, Rieu seeks to think out of the box by delving into a more diversified approach of harmonies traditionally associated with these musical styles.

Yannick Rieu | saxophones tenor, soprano, compositions
Jérôme Beaulieu | keyboards and piano
Samuel Joly | Drums, percussions
Rémi-Jean Leblanc | Double bass, electric bass
François Jalbert | Guitar

Yannick Rieu - MachiNations - EPK
Yannick Rieu - MachiNations

Crédits photo: Jean-Pierre Dubé

Yannick Rieu World Jazz
The project entitled "Yannick Rieu world Jazz" presents a hybrid music, rooted in jazz tradition while using sounds from Chinese original music.

This idea emerged from previous tours in China (more than ten since 2006) which gave Yannick Rieu the opportunity to deepen his knowledge and interest for Chinese music. These trips served to collect a large number of records from various parts of China and become familiar with their singular and inspiring musical language.

It is obvious that the instruments with very singular stamps enrich Yannick Rieu’s creativity as well as the specific use of breath, ornamentation and vision of the traditional music role (representation and illustration of the nature-rain, sun, wind, fog, etc. via the melodies) help to create an original sound, a particular color to the group.

"Traits of a genius"  Christophe Rodriguez, Journal de Montréal
"The greatest poet of Canadian jazzmen."  JAZZMAN, Paris

Yannick Rieu Da Li - China Voices | Yannick Rieu Da Li- Sunset

Concert complet « Da Li » à l’off Festival de jazz de Montréal
Da Li promo vidéo
Da Li


Y2 -Duo Yannick Rieu/Yves Léveillé
The very nature of jazz dictates that it should always surprise us, take us to unsuspected sonic landscapes. Yannick Rieu and Yves Léveillé, two exceptional Quebec musicians, eloquently answer this imperative with a series of nuanced dialogues from which they thread a compelling story. And like the best storytellers, they understand that a narrative is made of words, but also of silence.

Based on generosity, openness and an almost telepathic connection, this encounter between soprano saxophone and piano lends itself to free improvisation in a language that is timeless, yet resolutely of our time.

Yannick Rieu : saxophone soprano, compositions
Yves Léveillé : piano, compositions

Y2 - Yannick Rieu et Yves Léveillé - Jonglerie


Crédits photo:Mathieu Rivard

La Vie En Rose – A French Song Celebration
The Yannick Rieu (sax) – Sylvain Provost (g) – Guy Boisvert (db) trio explores the astonishing richness of this repertoire: Barbara, Trenet, Gainsbourg, Brel, Ferré, Piaf, a fantastic reservoir of melodies. Using an original approach, re-harmonization and rhythmic changes, it brings a new impetus to known and less known themes and songs. Quebec people keep an obvious link with the French song and this project, which combines popular melodies and jazz interpretation, sounds truly modern and accessible.

Music and spirituality (shows-conferences)
Many links exist between jazz musicians and spirituality, often unsuspected, and the current project aims to enlighten this relationship through the works of John Coltrane and Wayne Shorter. Quite original, this project uses a dual "music-animation" format:  direct interactions with the public at the end of musical performances. It will be produced in collaboration by Yannick Rieu and animators-editors of radio jazz.
  • Inspiration and John Coltrane: with his colleague François Bourassa, Yannick Rieu wants to explore and suggests new ideas concerning the interpretation of Coltrane’s music. A whole new repertoire that makes an overview of the developmental stages of this great musician.
  • Creativity and Wayne Shorter: this project is based on the revolutionary saxophonist who, taking advantage of the celebrity gained alongside Art Blakey and Miles Davis, triumphs on world stages with a totally "free" and subtle sound, very seducing to musicians and public because it allows to create, to draw from an inner, unconscious force.

The Art of the Trio
A new repertoire for the Adrian Vedady (db) – John Fraboni (dr) – Yannick Rieu (sax) Trio, active for five years, allows the master saxophonist to renew his approach and to perfect jazz trio playing. Renewal of the compositions, specially adapted for performers and concept development in focus group (exchange of ideas, discussions on the role of musicians).

Tribute to John Coltrane - A love Supreme
François Bourassa (p) and Yannick Rieu (sax) unite their talents to those of John Fraboni (dr) and Adrian Vedady (db) to achieve this Coltrane Tribute, "best show of the summer festival at the Centre d'art Orford 2011". The Quartet wants to revitalize the major works of Coltrane.

Third version of the Spectrum Group embodied by Samuel Joly (dr) – Rémi-Jean Leblanc (b) – Yannick Rieu (sax). It allows Rieu to explore the many facets of improvised music: jazz, rock, funk, etc. Using a new repertoire, this group combines the flexibility of Trio playing to the rigour of machines (sampling, rhythm, synthesizers, filters).

Spectrum3 plays Uzeb (Continued from the project initiated in 2011)
Inspired by UZEB group that marked his time, Spectrum3 proposes to do a personal reading of their music. Electronic sampling adds and multiplies the musical possibilities. Indeed, the project revisits UZEB’s repertoire by a modernized approach, but still based on the funky rhythms of the 1980s, satisfying both traditional “jazz-fusion’ public and young audiences who will love to discover this Quebec musical legacy.

Love Story - Film music - Special project for the Chinese tour
A Quartet dedicated to the interpretation of film music, a wide repertoire including Charlie Chaplin, Michel Legrand and Ennio Morricone. This is a common place for original instrumental playing and improvisation.

Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon - Chinese music and jazz
After several tours in China, hours of musical study and collaborations with many Chinese artists, Yannick Rieu develops new links between jazz and Chinese music, traditional or contemporary. This vast and rich repertoire brings new perspectives as well as surprising mixtures at the instrumental level.

2nd edition of the project "Yannick Rieu at school"
The philosophy of our Organization is based on the necessity to go beyond the immediate objectives of the musical performance. We believe that our productions must also fulfill a social and educational mission, increasing the public’s sensitivity to instrumental jazz and arts.

The cultural community has recognized Yannick Rieu in the past. He was named "personality of the week LaPresse-Radio-Canada" for his contribution to national musical culture and he was invited to explain his personal artistic vision in various television and radio programs. He is frequently invited on stage by musicians peers who appreciate his commitment, poetic sense and high reflexivity. In addition, he frequently participates to master-classes to share his knowledge and experience. Also considering the success of the 1st Edition of the project "Yannick Rieu school", we will continue its development in a larger number of schools, colleges and universities.



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