The Yari Productions work in the music field, more specifically instrumental jazz. Co-founder Yannick Rieu, musician of internationally growing influence in Performing Arts, brings his extensive experience to artistic direction. Founder Haiying Song, with her professional experience in the art community and project management, facilitates the development of Yari Productions and their clients.

Since their foundation, Yari Productions conducted more than 250 concerts, 15 tours. We are working to expand our network of partners in order to build and strengthen our links with the artists, broadcasters, cultural representatives and the public. The sum of our achievements demonstrate our ability to retain an audience, to renew the creation and to increase the visibility of the participating musicians.

Our long lasting relationship with Asia and China in particular allowed us to present many musical and educational projects.


  Executive Director: Haiying Song
  Artistic Director: Yannick Rieu
  Director administrative and Coordinator: Pierre Chailler
  Artistic Assistant to the project in China:   Xingyu Hu
  Coordinator of the project in China: Ma Xiaoyun


Board of Directors

  President: Haiying Song
  Vice-President: Luce Couture
  Secretary: Pierre Chailler
  Treasurer: Haitao Lu
  Administrators: Yannick Rieu

Robin Bruneau

Song Zhujun
  Special advisors: Jean David

Ke Chaoping


Government financial partners
"The Yari Productions" gratefully thanks its partners:


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